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INTRIGUE • SEDUCE • EMPOWER Drawing inspiration from Hollywood starlet glamour, film noir, and the feminine sophistication of the 1950’s, Fatale creates collectible cosmetics for the bold, unapologetic and empowered modern woman. To set the scene, imagine a dark, fog filled, dimly lit room. A jaw-dropping woman emerges from the shadows. Subtle saxaphone music begins playing in the background. This, is the essence of Fatale. To embody this mood, Fatale Cosmetics was conceptualized to be an experience with each piece more elegant than the last. Applying classic materials such as mother of pearl and pairing them with the fresh vitality of rose gold, Fatale rejuvenates the past to bring a fresh look to sustainable beauty products. Through the use of polished aluminum Fatale creates recyclable and refillable trays to place in our heirloom-esque, collectible containers.



Initial studies of vintage cosmetics, led to the inspiration and first draft of sketches of each of the three lines.



Macie, Ellery, & Remi were the inspiration behind each of these lines.



Shown below are the physical materials boards designed to help the developers visualize the look and feel of the products.

Red Lacquer, chrome, white vegan leather.

Red Lacquer, chrome, white vegan leather.

Matte black acrylic, mother of pearl, frosted acrylic.

Matte black acrylic, mother of pearl, frosted acrylic.

Thassos Greek marble, satin, rose gold, mother of pearl.

Thassos Greek marble, satin, rose gold, mother of pearl.



Shown below are the final conceptual designs for they key products of each line.


Above is a lipstick carrying case. It holds three separate shades. The design was inspired by a combination of antique cigarette containers, and they chevy bel-air. The carrying case was chosen as a reference to the classic bold red lip often worn by starlets in the 50’s.


To embody the drama of the Femme Fatale trope, the Film Noir line’s key product is a vintage cake mascara. The design juxtaposes harsh edges and color breaks with the delicate detail of the lace referencing the disposition of the quintessential empowered archetype.


The final solution for the romance film line is a compact. The materials, color palette, and product selection, draw parallels to the porcelain skin and rosy complexion of the classic female protagonist.



Throughout this process I discovered the importance of sustainable and reusable materials. I also discovered how to ethically source materials and pair them to create beautiful pieces that tell stories.