photographic & graphic arts




The concept for LUMAWALTZ™ was inspired by the Aurora Borealis. To extend the viewing experience beyond Denali National Park, LUMAWALTZ™ is a self contained fire starter kit that utilizes enviornmentally-friendly chemical packets to change the color of the flames in your campfire to resemble the dancing northern lights.



Throughout the process, I explored four separate design solutions. One, was an octagonal box, another was shaped like a pyramid, and the third was a flattened version of my final product. I was in search of a simple solution that could be packed easily into a backpack, was light-weight, and maintained a system.

Sketches & design ideation.

Early prototype.

Early prototype.



In order to coincide with Denali’s “Leave No Trace” initiative, the package is constructed out of stainless steel and would be utilized as a pan to build the fire in. The kit includes 1 set of matches, (1) 4oz packet of tinder, (1) fire pan, (1) mylar bag, & (4) color changing packets.

The design is triangular, so the user can easily place twigs in the corners of the pan to create a teepee shape when constructing the fire.


merchandising & advertisements

LUMAWALTZ™ would be sold in the Denali Northern Lights Gift Shop, located just inside the park. The product would have its own display, stacked into a triangle resembling Denali’s peak. The product will be advertised in neighboring cities and airports near the park.


AR experience

When the consumer uses the LUMAWALTZ™ app to scan the colorful flames, an augmented reality feature displays an animated version of the legends of the Northern Lights narrated by the Athabascan people.



Throughout this project I found myself thriving in research. I scoured every corner of the internet and the library to figure out what made Denali National Park unique. Once settling on the Northern Lights, I found my struggle was how to make a mainstream phenomena unique and engaging. I learned that research can truly drive the design of any project and that pushing myself to challenge the status quo yields the greatest results.