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Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity


Windows of Opportunity

Connecting busy friends!



Trying to find mutual free time to hang out with your friends can be a real bummer when you all have such busy schedules. Currently, there is no simple way to see your friends availability without the hassle of texting each person and waiting for a response.


People are incredibly invested in their friendships and often spend one too many lonely nights on the couch because they didn’t know that their friends were free to hang out.


Windows of Opportunity is a platform that eases the burden of finding someone to spend your time with. The design eliminates the struggle of texting busy friends, trying to find a date and time in which both parties are free. Creating a higher level of engagement between friends, Windows of Opportunity builds stronger relationships and enhances social happiness.



After months of research and extensive interviews, I created a list of all of the features that I thought would be necessary to the application. Then, to organize my thoughts I developed and color coded my first draft of the site map, before beginning user flows & wire framing.



The interface is designed to be friendly, inviting, and playful. The bright colors and unique features of the typographic decisions convey the emotional social connection.



To make the use of the application seamless for the user, I have integrated an on boarding process.

Character and window design.

Character and window design.



The final solution is an application where users develop a character resembling themselves. They are each given a window with a pull cord. Tugging at the cord allows the user to open and close their window, notifying their friends when they are available or busy. The app also allows users to sync their schedules with their friends for the week, month, or day to see mutual free time. To minimize confusion and maximize the ease of use, there is a six step on-boarding process articulating the key features of the app.

Preview the prototype here.



Throughout this process I learned to keep the target audience in mind through every aspect of the design. Through my research I found that many people in need of an application like this were frustrated and disappointed with their ability to make coherent plans with their friends. From the typographic decisions, to the color palette, to the illustrative styles, I found the need to reinforce the positivity in this interface, all the while keeping the interaction speed at the forefront of my design process.