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Prohibition's Tomb


Prohibition’s Tomb

Prohibition’s Tomb is a flask company developed for the finest liquor connoisseurs and collectors. The company places an emphasis on craftsmanship and history with a tasteful sense of humor.



Our mission is to provide the finest quality flasks to the highest quality consumers and to make every day feel like repeal day.

Our keywords embody the core values of our brand. We chose the word ELEGANCE to capture the beauty, grace, and sophistication of our designs.  LEGACY as a reference to the timeless historic art movements that we draw inspiration from. And last but not least DETAILED. We believe that the details are the most important elements of any design.



Our target audience includes people like Emmett, Murray, Nicolas, and Robin. A sophisticated group of liquor enthusiasts interested in the finer things in life.


Advertising & Merchandising

The advertisements for Prohibition’s Tomb are beauty shots of the artisanal flasks. Through its revitalization of the art nouveau era, the ads place emphasis on the craftsmanship and artistic detailing.



Our flasks are true showpieces that deserve the most refined branding on the market. If you would like to read more about each of the assets we have built out, you can click through the gallery where captions will appear.



Pictured are a few spreads of our brand guidelines. The layout design is minimalistic and sophisticated to echo, but not draw attention away from the intricate details of the product itself. To see the entire brand book on click one of the images below.